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If the world is to achieve its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero, then aviation cannot be left out. One of the most difficult sectors to decarbonise, we at Metafuels have developed a new and innovative, breakthrough technology “aerobrew” for the production of sustainable aviation fuel based on renewable energy and feedstocks. As we continue with our mission to develop and deploy aerobrew technology we are expanding our teams as we scale the process from the pilot stage to full scale commercial production plants. If tackling the global climate challenge in harmony with the earth’s ability to sustain human activity, without compromising on biodiversity, appeals to you as a professional we would like to hear from you.

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Chemical reactions, based on new and innovative heterogeneous catalytic systems, are at the heart of our synthetic sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) technology aerobrew”. 

As our Senior Chemist you will play a key role in the development and commercialization of aerobrew. You will be at the beating heart of this venture as we scale up from the lab to full-scale industrial plants. You will help solve one of the toughest challenges in the global energy transition – the decarbonisation of aviation.  

You will be responsible for the selection, design, performance and cost efficiency of the chemistries and catalysts involved in Metafuels’ technologies.  

Activities include: 

  • Identify, develop, and maintain chemical pathways for Metafuels’ products. 
  • Initiate and coordinate an applied R&D programme to develop new chemistries and catalysts to improve and expand Metafuels’ technology portfolio. 
  • Develop and implement Metafuels’ in-house laboratory facilities. 
  • Cooperate with Metafuels’ process people on process performance and reactor design. 
  • Support the development of catalyst supply chains. 
  • Monitor and troubleshoot operating plants, gathering feedback to guide further developments and improvements. 

The Senior Chemist reports to the Chief Technology Officer.  

 Skills and Requirements

  • BSc, MSc, Dipl. Ing. degree in chemistry. 
  • Minimum, ten (10) years’ experience with heterogeneous catalysts, out of which five (5) years working in an industrial environment. 
  • Expertise in catalyst synthesis and catalyst production at scale.  
  • Ability to facilitate the transition from lab testing to pilot and commercial scale. 
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills in multi-disciplined teams. 
  • Enthusiasm, professionalism, and a desire to make a difference in a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions world. 

 The Company  

Metafuels is a young and fast-growing start-up promoting the transition to a green & sustainable future. Metafuels has developed aerobrew, to produce SAF using only renewable power and sustainably sourced CO2. We have a relaxed informal style combined with a steely determination to achieve our objectives. 

The role

As our Senior Plant & Piping Engineer you will focus on the development, engineering and realisation of plant designs of process plants using our proprietary, new aerobrew technology, supporting Metafuels’ mission to enable affordable, sustainable aviation for all without it costing the earth. You will have a key role at the heart of this exciting and challenging activity and help to solve one of the toughest engineering challenges in the global energy transition, namely the decarbonisation of aviation.

Your role will span the design, engineering and realisation of our aerobrew Pioneer plant and commercial aerobrew plants, accompanying the technology scale-up, and shaping the continuous evolution of our know-how basis and products.

Job description

The Senior Plant & Piping Engineer will be part of Metafuels’ engineering team reporting to the Chief Technology Officer. Your activities will centre on achieving the following goals:

  • Development, engineering, costing and validation of efficient, safe and reliable plant designs for Pioneer plants as well as commercial plants using the aerobrew technology;
  • Development of cost efficient, safe and reliable solutions for the arrangement of the key equipment and the engineering of the connecting piping;
  • Creation and continuous optimization of state-of-the-art, intelligent 3D models of the aerobrew plants;
  • Optimum translation of results from pilot and Pioneer plant operations into technology & plant design know-how;
  • Establishment of efficient engineering tools and their deployment into the engineering processes of Metafuels;
  • Support of aerobrew studies, proposals and projects with information on plant design & layout and plant cost estimates.

To achieve your goals, you will work closely with Metafuels’ partners and suppliers of proprietary components. You will guide suppliers and contractors during the engineering and construction phase of aerobrew plants. You will develop, own, and manage the core pieces of any process plant, the Piping & Instrumentation diagram (P&ID) and the intelligent 3D model. You will be active in start-up and troubleshooting of aerobrew plants and ensure that lessons learnt are considered in future plant designs.

You daily activities and work tasks will include:

  • Developing a cost-efficient, safe and reliable plant and piping design for all aerobrew projects, based on the process design and working in close cooperation with the technology & process discipline;
  • Coordinating and performing the modelling of the plant designs in a state-of-the-art intelligent 3D model, using the Smart 3D (formerly Intergraph), PDS or AutoCAD plant-3D software;
  • Leading and performing the development of P&IDs cooperating with the process discipline, electrical & instrumentation and the rotating and non-rotating equipment discipline to obtain their respective inputs to the P&ID´s;
  • Providing plant & piping input to process design packages (PDP) for aerobrew projects, including (but not limited to) documentation as draft P&ID´s, plant layouts & plot plans, 3D model visualisations, pipe specifications, design specifications, hazardous area specifications;
  • Participating in engineering reviews, accompanying engineering activities and pilot operations;
  • Performing constructability and operability studies, assessing accessibility for construction and maintenance;
  • Providing cost estimates for piping, bulk materials, developing material take-offs;
  • Supporting aerobrew studies, proposals and projects with information on plant design & layout planning and cost estimates;
  • Supporting the engineering, execution, and implementation of projects by means of reviews (HaZop, SIL, PFD review, P&ID review);
  • Performing “as built” checks on site, comparing the installation as built with the P&IDs and other engineering documentation;
  • Collecting experience from the commissioning and start-up activities for aerobrew projects and secure the lessons-learnt from these activities for consideration in the plant designs of future projects;
  • Providing consultancy and advice on plant operation & maintenance, trouble-shooting;
  • Serve as a technical authority, reviewing and approving design documentation;
  • Mentor junior Plant & Piping engineers.


The Senior Plant & Piping Engineer:

  • Owns and manages the P&IDs and the 3D plant model;
  • Is responsible for the continuous improvement and evolution of the engineering and design tools used, in particular the 3D modelling tool;
  • Provides leadership and guidance to our engineering contractors and key suppliers to ensure a safe, operable plant design that will meet all the project premises;
  • Is responsible for timely and accurate delivery of plant & piping engineering documentation as P&ID´s, pipe specifications, plot & layout plans, pipe specifications, bulk material-take offs.

Skills and requirements

  • BSc, MSc, Dipl Ing degree in chemical or mechanical engineering;
  • At least ten (10) years of relevant engineering experience in plant and piping design including preferably basic & detail engineering, FEED´s, construction supervision and trouble-shooting;
  • Strong personal commitment to HSSE Leadership and experienced with plant safety in design standards and practices throughout all project phases;
  • Experience in regulations for plants handling hazardous materials and in Hazardous Area classification;
  • Experience in chemical, gas, petrochemical, or refinery plants & processes;
  • Prior experience in Plant & Piping design and commercialization for new technology developments;
  • Prior project experience working with engineering and construction contractors;
  • Attention to Plant & Piping details required to make projects work that meet business objectives, are designed to be technically safe, meet environmental requirements, are operable and maintainable;
  • Excellent stakeholder management communication and leadership skills working in multi-disciplined teams;
  • Enthusiasm, professionalism, and desire to make a difference in a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions world.

Company description 

Metafuels is a start-up company founded by three experienced energy professionals. The company has developed a power to fuels Plant & Piping, aerobrew, for the production of sustainable aviation fuel starting with renewable power and sustainably sourced CO2. The next phase of the company’s development is the installation and operation of a pilot plant to be located in Switzerland. In addition, the company is engaging with various strategic partners for the development of the first pioneer projects that will produce the first aerobrew sustainable aviation fuel for the market. The company has a relaxed informal style but has a steely determination to achieve its objectives.


The position will be based in Switzerland in the Zürich area.