Creating a path to affordable, net-zero aviation.

We believe SAF is the most viable way to decarbonise aviation and achieve the sector’s emission targets, and our patent pending aerobrew technology can provide an efficient, affordable alternative.

The Metafuels story started in 2019. Our three founders brought together decades of experience in the energy and power industries to address the pressing need for SAF. Drawing on their particular knowledge of the decarbonisation of energy, chemicals and heavy industry, they set about exploring possible technologies for aviation fuel.

From concept to reality. The journey towards large scale production.

Working together with the world-renowned Paul Scherrer Institut, we developed a new concept – aerobrew – a proprietary technology to convert green methanol to SAF. Our technology is innovative, selective, and scalable.

Starting from renewable feedstocks including green hydrogen, driven by renewable electricity, and sustainably sources CO₂ (for example from direct air capture), aerobrew provides an efficient route to large-scale production of e-SAF and overcomes the scale up challenges and high costs of alternative e-fuels technologies.

Now, we’re bringing our ideas to life, developing pioneer projects, and engaging with markets and strategic partners. Soon we’ll take the next step and open our pilot plant – a technology demonstration facility in Switzerland.

We’re also continuing to grow our passionate team and have a new head office in Zurich.

We’ve come a long way in a short time. But our journey is just getting started.

If you would like to know more, please contact us and discover how you can start your journey towards a sustainable future with Metafuels and our patent pending aerobrew technology.

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