aerobrew is a proprietary technology for the conversion of green methanol to SAF.

Green methanol is a chemical that is produced from green hydrogen (H2) and renewably sourced carbon oxides (CO/CO2).

Green H2 can be generated from water electrolysis driven by renewable electricity while CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere using direct air capture technology (DAC) or captured from other biogenic sources. Alternatively, green H2 and carbon oxides can be generated from biomass gasification.

The aerobrew process is based on an innovative catalytic system – the ‘missing piece of the jigsaw’ for converting green methanol to SAF - with a high selectivity and yield.

Due to its scalability, high efficiency and integrated design, aerobrew allows for truly competitive SAF prices.

What’s more, the technology promises even greater benefits for airlines looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

The potential for separation of the value chain by using green methanol as a liquid energy vector will allow for aerobrew plants to be located near to the aviation fuel markets and for green methanol production to be kept near to the sources of competitive renewable electricity.

Photo: Paul Scherrer Institut

The Metafuels team, working with the world-renowned Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland, have achieved significant milestones in advancing the technology.

As part of the work performed the team has successfully synthesised, tested, and validated a novel catalytic system based on advances in nanotechnology that form the beating heart of aerobrew.

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